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  • The Tragedy of Energia


    Energia is the last child of Verando and Melanista. She was born after a great celebration in fashioning homes for each of the children. Energia, created out of complete bliss, became unusually powerful and pure. Her purity and power threatened some of the gods, for she could lead them all, or kill them all, and they all feared her.

    It was Casius and Grapsen that moved to kill her. Grapsen convinced Chronolia to be jealous of Energia’s power. Chronolia and Energia were alone, for Duvanna wanted to extract from her all her secrets. An ambush was set, for there Casius was waiting and in fear, he struck Energia and killed her there for at the time, she was vulnerable to Chronolia’s speech.

    Grapsen wept when he saw Energia die. Casius then killed himself. Chronolia froze in place and fear. Duvanna arrived and cried out and alerted all the hosts to assemble at this crime. After much deliberation, Hardis and Gloristan came together, along with Justice, to decide their end.

    Duvanna interfered, having been the only one to witness the response of the three and begged for something other than annihilation. Justice heard her words and weighed them.

    Casius would be raised to life, but only as a form to forget his sin. He would then be banished into prison and host all who perform such evil.

    Grapsen would retain his memories and tears and be banished into Vacatino for his sins, he would host all those who perform such evil.

    Chronolia would retain her memories, but be removed from her ability to move throughout the planes and be stationed with one task – to keep the secret of time that Energia had with her.

    After the declaration was made, the voice of Energia spoke, but not as a young girl, as a strong woman. She declared judgment on all the gods and said she would no longer take form, but rest in her newfound power and go into Bonzarel and infuse it with her essence and teach the mortals power and love, so they would not be taken advantage of by the gods.

    This balanced the power between mortals and immortals. The great Equalizer Event occurred.

    Elves and Dwarves rejoiced. Men and Women awoke to energia. Hinfolk mother took a Man and together they made their own species. Gnome Father and Mother woke up, seeing the last remaining image and their dreams became the material of Dreamland.

    Energia awakens the Humans

    Tresedorf stared into the fire. His people were warm, fed and for the most part, protected. Although he lost two men in the hunt and one woman to childbirth, he grunted in pride that they had become stronger than the beasts and outsmarted the giants. Suddenly, the fire flickered in a strange way.

    He stared further. The heat warmed his thick red beard and the light reflected in his green eyes.

    He saw something he had never seen before and suddenly he awoke into a new thought – the fire spoke to a dry tinder within his chest. He felt a spark within and laid a hand on over his heart. He knew he had one, but now he knew it did more than flow the red river of blood.

    He spoke. One word. Energia.

    The fire doubled in size. Everyone nearby marveled at him, for he was standing before the fire and the fire mimicking his movements. That night, a woman bore him three sons and she called them Honor, Courage, and Commitment. Together, they worshiped Verando and Melanista and because of their assembly, they called family, they outnumbered the nearby tribes and Tresendorf ascended to ruler. Their sons were powerful heroes of men. They built the first city and became the leaders of the new world.

    Because of her sacrifice and formlessness, Energia did not require any bonzar from him. Instead, she freely gifted Tresendorf with life, separating him from the wild beasts. He learned much and taught his sons and daughters. Their tribe ascended to leadership and ultimately, survived and surpassed the brutish giants and their beasts.

    Year One.

  • The Founding of Bald Top Library

    Year 401

    Larana and Stuffnubble Bonknose ran from the castle, escaping its destruction. A dragon lifted its crimson neck from behind the collapsing tower and exhaled an inferno to stop them in their tracks.

    “Stop thieves!” he roared.

    Stuffnubble shrieked and started with wide eyes at the blas moving toward him. Still he clung tightly to the large book in his arms. Larana shrieked as well, but no in exclamation. Rather, she lifted her voice to spin a spell. The two of them blipped out of sigh and manifested only a few yards away in the lee of a fallen boulder. As the blaze lifted, the dragon snorted in disgust at the lack of charred gnomish flesh.

    “I perceive you not with my sight,” he said, slinking his serpentine body around the ruined tower. “Yet your stench signals my nostrils with a smell as powerful as the hailing of the seasons.” The two gnomes took this long winded speech as an opportunity to regroup.

    “Although I excel in my craft, I would never incinerate you with one blast. Of course, this is not because I lack any expertise, but rather, I consider it a work of art as my flames create a charred expression of your remains.”

    He then chuckled, “each roast is always so unique.” As he mocked them, his eyes peered through the smoke, searching for their hidden forms.

    The two gnomes breathed quietly behind the boulder.

    “Larana,” laughed Stuffnubble, “I cannot believe we got it!”

    “Yes, and it seems that Galabanataxxar has no qualms destroying it along with us,” his wife reminded him. She pinched a single flame on his long mustache.

    He still smiled, “maybe then we should make our exit?” She nodded. Together they held tightly to the book. The gnome’s eyes rolled back in his head and his lips mumbled diabolic words. He held tightly to the talisman around his neck.

    “Upon the wings of the fiend, I fly, take me home, swing low chariot of fire.”

    An invisible brilliant door opened before them and out from seemingly thin air, a chariot arrived pulled by two flaming horses, frothing at the mouth with thick black foam. Inside the chariot stood a short man with dark red skin. His skeletally thin and strong frame restrained the two beasts to a stop. His mouth broke into a devilish grin revealing a forked tongue and two pearly fangs

    “Your wish is my command,” cackled the Minister “I wait on you.” and then it added with a relish, “hand and foot.” The last part was always spoken in such a way that left Larana’s skin crawling with disgust. Nevertheless, the dragon hunted within a few breaths so she and her husband hopped up into the chariot and left.

    The open waters splashed against the black cliffs along the Mavi coast. A cold winter breeze pushed the puffins into crags and clefts in the hillsides, where rock rocks jutted through green knolls. The two gnomes dangled their gangly legs off the cliff. Stuffnubble smoke a ridiculous pile with two stems and the routinely exchanged his lips with every other inhale as if he was performing a test of efficacy.

    Larana sat next to him, tracing her fingers on the binding of the large leather book she held. They risked much to obtain such a powerful publication, but the reward might change the world.

    “Are you ready to change the world?” she interrupted the silence.

    Her husband paused to lay down his pipe, folding it upon its hinges and stuffing it away into a pocket. “As always,” he reminded, “I think we already have, even with each breat we take, we alter…”

    She was in no mood for one of his diatribes. “I’m serious,” she started, “ and kind of scared.”

    “Ha!” he said, as if the sudden burst of air from his word would shoo away her concerns. When he saw that it didn’t, he cleared his throat with gravity. “I’m serious as well. And to answer your question, yes and to address your concern, your valid concern,…may I simply ask what is it that scares you?”

    Laran spent a good while talking. And wondering if they build the library and stow away the book underneath then maybe someone would find it. Perhaps no one should find this book. She even conveyed they keeping it quietly in the home to hold up a vase or as a paperweight, might keep anyone looking for it. If the dragon didn’t suspect what they stole was of any eternal value, then perhaps no one really knows they have it. But maybe the minister does.

    Stuffnubble held her hand, pulling it away from the book. “We have now with us the very words of life.” And we can hide it. I have a plan. We build a library – a seemingly mundane school for learning. We hire multiple unrelated people to build it, all in pieces, we get our very own dragon for protection and then create all sorts of reasons to visit all the while hiding the word of life in plain sight. No one will ever find it, but in truth, it will be available to all.

    May your story continue

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